Keep your home and business contents safe

Krisis Flood Bags

Krisis Flood Bag is a practical solution with a range of watertight bags to protect your home and business contents from the devastation of flooding.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards and completely impermeable to water intrusion, Krisis Flood Bag is a reliable and cost-effective way to reduce the impact of floods.

Our Range

The Krisis Bag is available in three sizes, depending on your requirements: Handy, Standard, and Super.

Explore each bag option below:

Handy Krisis Bag

1.6ft x 1.6ft x 1.6ft (4.4 ft3)

The Handy KrisisBag is designed to cater for small electrical and non-electrical items and can be placed inside a larger size KrisisBag for extra protection.



Standard KrisisBag

4.9ft x 4.9ft x 6.6ft (158.5 ft3)

The Standard KrisisBag is designed to cater to small to larger-sized furniture and personal items.



Super KrisisBag

4.9ft x 6.6ft x 9.8ft (317.9 ft3)

The Super KrisisBag is designed to cater for medium to large-sized furniture and personal items.



Krisis Flood Bag features

The Krisis Flood Bag is made with heavy duty PC material, with watertight zipper and has additional features to help ensure easy handling or management of the bag.


Heavy Duty PVC

750gsm, watertight material.
Similar to water tanks and inflatable boats.


Watertight Zipper

Krisis Bag zippers are designed to keep the water out even if the bag becomes fully submerged.


Heat-Sealed Joins

Stitched joining creates holes that can allow water to enter.
Krisis Bags use heat-sealing technology to create a completely watertight join.


Anchor Points

To secure bag in position during flood.
Anchors are sewed onto a separate piece of PVC and attached with heat welding.
This prevents needle holes in the bags main compartment, which can compromise watertightness.


Carry Handles

Our convenient carry handles are also sewed on to a separate piece of heat welded PVC to ensure watertightness.
This attachment method does not compromise on strength, with handles tested to bear up to 3744N/381kg of force.

What are the benefits of the Krisis Flood Bag?

Peace of mind.

Know your valuables are protected from flood damage


Independently tested for quality and substantiation

Available in three sizes.

Allowing for a wide range of items to be protected


Design allows for easy storage


Featuring a 10-year lifespan


And affordable solution

While flood events are inevitable, the consequences don’t have to be. The use of new and innovative products, such as Krisis Bag provides a range of benefits.

How many Krisis Flood Bags will you need?

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