Krisis Flood Bag Super Demo Setup Jan 2023

Watch the demo of a super-size Krisis Flood Bag setup. Krisis Flood Bags protect your home and business contents/valuables from floodwater damage. When floods are incoming, simply roll out the Krisis Flood Bag, pack it up, zip it, and leave it. Even if floodwater completely submerges your contents, a Krisis Flood bag will keep them dry….thus preventing water damage.

Introduction to Krisis Flood Bags – Steve is on a mission.

Steve Harris, founder and CEO of Krisis Protection, invented the Krisis Flood Bag as a solution to protect home and business valuable contents from flood water damage. Krisis Flood Bags are robust and have a watertight certification with the ability to remain watertight even when fully submerged under water. Lab testing shows Krisis Flood Bags stay watertight for over 4 weeks when fully submerged under water.