Krisis Flood Bags – Dry Bags: How Do They Work?

Krisis Flood Bag

When you are hit with the news of an impending flood, it is easy to slip into panic mode and think that you are going to lose everything. However, there is one way you can always be prepared for this horrible natural disaster. At Krisis Flood Bags, we have come up with a solution to protect your indoor home contents and to always be prepared if and when a flood may occur. In this article, we will talk about what our dry bags are and how they can help to save your indoor home contents and business assets to achieve peace of mind.

What Causes Flooding?

Floods are the most frequent type of natural disaster and are characterised by water overflowing onto land that is normally dry. Floods have become increasingly more common and can happen anywhere – particularly if you reside in a flood zone.

There are three common types of floods, fluvial floods, commonly referred to as a river flood. There is also a pluvial flood, which is a flood independent of an overflowing body of water, caused by  extreme rainfall and coastal Floods which are caused by intense windstorms that are brought on from tsunamis and tropical cyclones.

The climate crisis has caused flooding to become increasingly more common around the globe. With the ongoing issues of climate change, it can lead you to ask and query, ‘Am I at risk of flooding?’ The true answer is that it all depends on whether you are situated in a flood zone. 

However, climate change  has exacerbated other factors such as rising sea levels and ocean temperatures slowly increasing along with ice caps melting which all contribute to the sea levels. Sea levels are what is a major factor as to whether a storm will result in a flood, higher sea levels can amplify storm surges, and increase the risk of high-tide flooding.  

Climate change is also responsible for the higher frequency of hurricanes which tear through countries time and time again. These events cause floods due to rainfall and storm surges which are stronger and heavier than normal. Along with this, climate change has amplified the temperature of the global atmosphere. It is becoming  warmer, resulting in more moisture being held in the air, which needs to go through the water cycle, resulting in heavy rainfall.

krisis flood dry bag

What Are Krisis Flood Bags – Dry Bags?

At Krisis Flood Bags, we wanted to create something that is a great, practical solution to a horrendous and potentially life altering event. That led us to dry bags, which are the ultimate way to prepare for floods. Krisis Flood Bags are 100% watertight and military-grade tested to effectively protect the indoor contents of your homes and businesses by keeping them completely dry, up to four weeks fully submerged.

They have been made to the highest quality standards and are completely impermeable to water intrusion. Our dry bags are a reliable and cost-effective way to reduce the impact of floods. They come in three sizes, depending on your requirements. This means that they are able to protect, all your household furniture, your favourite shoes and technology, to your entire sofa and bed. 

How To Protect Your Home Belongings Using Krisis Flood Bags

The devastation that flooding causes has a huge impact on everyone, it can be hard to save your belongings and things that hold sentimental value. Everything can be washed away in the blink of an eye, that is why acting fast prior to a flood is your most important weapon to be prepared. The team at Krisis Protection have found a way that you can always be prepared  and ready for a flood. We found an effective solution to reduce the impact of flooding on people, their homes, and their businesses.

Here are some of the features that Krisis Flood Bags – Dry Bags have to offer:

  • The Krisis Flood Bag is made with heavy-duty PC material, with a watertight zipper and has additional features to help ensure easy handling or management of the bag.
  • They are a watertight material that are made of a heavy Duty PVC, which is similar to water tanks and inflatable boats.
  • Krisis Bag zippers are designed to keep the water out even if the bag becomes fully submerged.
  • All the bags contain heat-sealed joints. This is done using heat-sealing technology to create a completely watertight join.
  • During a flood the terrain is unpredictable so the bags have anchor points to hold your bag and belongings in place. Anchor Points are sewn onto a separate piece of PVC and attached with heat welding.
  • Our convenient carry handles are also sewn onto a separate piece of heat-welded PVC to ensure water tightness.This attachment method does not compromise on strength.
krisis flood dry bag example