The Difference Between Watertight & Waterproof

difference between watertight and waterproof

The Krisis Flood Bag is a practical solution with a range of watertight bags to protect your indoor home and business contents from the devastation of flooding. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are completely impermeable to water intrusion. If you live in a high-flood zone and are looking to prepare for a flood, the Krisis Flood Bag is a reliable and cost-effective way to keep dry your contents and reduce the impact and damage. In this article, we will be looking at the difference between a watertight bag, and a waterproof one. 

What Does Watertight Mean?

Watertight is a phrase we all want to hear when it comes to planning for a flood. Once we get that potential flood warning, we should all be preparing to protect our homes and our most beloved belongings. However, even before we receive caution about a natural disaster such as a flood, we should be prepping for every possible outcome – and that’s where Krisis Flood Bags come in. 

Krisis Flood Bags are watertight certified and aim to protect all of your homely belongings during a flood. This prevents water damage and can protect both your home and business essentials. But, what does watertight mean? Watertight refers to the construction of an object, which is fit to be impermeable to water. 

watertight flood bag

What Does Waterproof Mean?

Waterproof is a term that gets thrown around often. For an item to be waterproof, it has to have been covered or treated with a material that prevents permeation by water. Typically, constructs that are made to be ‘waterproof’ are coated in the solution of rubber, which can prevent water from damaging the contents. However, waterproof items can only go so far. 

Waterproof VS Watertight – What Is The Difference?

Both waterproof and water-resistant items are only made to prevent water from getting onto your belongings, but it can’t be guaranteed. It also means that if, for instance, you have a waterproof bag, and it was submerged in water for a period of time, then water could still enter the bag. 

Krisis Flood Bags are slightly different. We pride ourselves on being certified watertight, which means that, if the bag is submerged completely underwater for a number of days or long periods of time, then there won’t be one single drop of water that enters the interior. If you live in a high-flood zone, which is likely to experience a natural flood disaster, then we recommend adopting a thorough flood plan, such as purchasing watertight bags that can protect your belongings. 

Why Choose Krisis Flood Bags Over Waterproof Alternatives?

Currently, there is no product quite like KrisisBags on the market. When preparing for a flood, watertight security should be your number one priority. Krisis bags come in three convenient sizes, which can fit all of your home essentials. 

  1. The Handy Krisis Bag

The Handy Krisis Flood Bag is designed to cater to your smaller electronic items, such as your kettle, your laptops, and cables. However, the Handy KrisisBag is also ideal for all the other small items that you may want to save from a flood. Sentimental items such as photo albums, family heirlooms, or travel souvenirs. For more protection, you can even fit one of our Handy KrisisBags into one of our larger sizes. 

handy krisis bag watertight
  1. The Standard Krisis Bag

There is also our Standard Krisis Flood Bag, which is significantly larger than our handy size and is designed to cater to much larger items. Furniture, such as desks, bookcases, and more can fit into this size, which means you save more of your more expensive items from getting water damaged. 

standard krisis bag watertight
  1. The Super Krisis Bag

The largest size we carry is the Super Krisis Flood Bag, and this can fit even larger items. If you are looking to save your bed or sofa, then this is the perfect solution. A flood doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the furniture indoors at your house or business. These can also be secured, and be waiting for you undamaged when you return back to your establishment. 

super krisis bag watertight